Various Artists - Soul on the Real Side, Vol. 7 (CD)

Soul on the Real Side, Vol. 7
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Volume seven carries on the Soul On the Real Side tradition of collating classic crossover soul, rare original 45s, new-to-CD nuggets and oddities from the infinitely strange world of Northern Soul.

1. What Hurts - Grover Mitchell
2. It'€™™s No Mistake - Darrow Fletcher
3. Something New To Do - Bobby Sheen
4. Look In The Mirror Of My Eyes - Percy And Them
5. I'€™m About Lovin'€™ You - Al Hudson & Soul Partners
6. If You And I Had Never Met - Magic Night (Stereo)
7. Don't Ask Me To Forget - Jay And The Techniques
8. Love Is A Serious Business - Alfie Davison
9. Let'€™™s Get Together Now - Aristocrats
10. A House For Sale - Connie Laverne
11. Incompatible - Ultra High Frequency
12. I Love You, Yes I Do - The Independents
13. I Just Can't Say Goodbye - Touch Of Class
14. I Wanna Hold On To You - Loose Change
15. Mighty Love Man (Part 1) - Black Stash
16. All Alone By The Telephone - Checkmates Ltd.
17. If My Heart Was An Open Book - Third Demetion
18. Tomorrow Keeps Shining On Me - Chris Bartley
19. (Call Me Your) Anything Man - Bobby Moore
20. What Do I Have To Do - Rick Thompson