Saint Etienne - Sound of Water [Deluxe] (CD)

Sound of Water [Deluxe]
Saint Etienne'€™s 2000 album Sound of Water was developed as Saint Etienne'€™s ambient and trip hop statement. At the time of release, this album split the band's fanbase between those who preferred the more commercial song-based sound of Good Humor and singles like You're in a Bad Way and He's on the Phone from those who appreciated the band's new direction, which was more experimental in nature.
This new deluxe edition includes a bonus dsc with B-sides, unreleased tracks and the entire Places To Visit EP, which has previously only been released in the USA and Germany.
CD 1:
1. Late Morning
2. Heart Failed (in the Back of a Taxi)
3. Sycamore
4. Don't Back Down
5. Just a Little Overcome
6. Boy is Crying
7. Aspects of Lambert
8. Downey, CA
9. How We Used to Live
10. The Place at Dawn
CD 2:
1. Roseneck
2. Northwestern
3. Red Setter
4. Blofeld Buildings
5. Bar Conscience
6. Shoot Out The Lights
7. Thank You
8. Chaos At The Gym
9. Tony Jacket
10. Garage For Gunther
11. Ivyhouse
12. 52 Pilot
13. We'€™re In The City
14. Artieripp
15. Sadie'€™s Anniversary
16. Half Timbered
17. Empty Shop