Oregon - Lantern (CD)

Lantern is the 30th album in the career of one of the best-loved jazz groups, those masters of poetic, avant chamber jazz, Oregon.
Ralph Towner (strings) and Paul McCandless (horns and reeds) have led the band since 1970, with percussionist Mark Walker a relative newcomer notching up his 21st year of service. Bassist Paolino Dalla Porta is brand new to the journey, having joined the band two years ago, Lantern being his first recorded work with them.
1. Dolomiti Dance
2. Duende
3. Walk the Walk
4. Not Forgotten
5. Hop, Skip and a Thump
6. Figurine
7. The Glide
8. Aeolian Tale
9. Lantern
10. The Water Is Wide