Lapalux - Ruinism (LP)

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British producer and longstanding member of Flying Lotus'€™ Brainfeeder family Lapalux is preparing to unveil his new album Ruinism, featuring collaborations with vocalists JFDR (Gangly / Pascal Pinon / Samaris)'€™, Louisahhh, Talvi; GABI and Raphaelle Standell-Preston (Braids).
Ruinism is all sonic wreckage and rubble created using only hardware and real instruments. The sound simultaneously destroys and redeems itself across a tight and formidable 48 minutes.
1. Reverence
2. Data Demon [feat. GABI]
3. Petty Passion
4. Rotted Arp [feat. Louisahhh]
5. Falling Down[(feat. JFDR]
6. Displacer
7. 4EVA [feat. Talvi]
8. Essex Is Burning
9. Flickering [feat. JFDR]
10. Running To Evaporate
11. Phase Violet
12. Tessellate