Act Family Band - The Jubilee Concerts (CD)

The Jubilee Concerts
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On the 2 April 2017, 34 musicians from several European countries flocked to the Konzerthaus in Berlin, each of them an artist who has found a nurturing home for his or her projects and talents on the ACT label. It was their way of expressing gratitude and of giving their label a 25th birthday present.
The musicians appeared on stage in a whole variety of combinations throughout the day, some of the bands formed for these concerts having never been put together before. The culmination of the day of celebration in Berlin was a Gala Concert by the ACT Family Band. The evening built naturally to a whole-band, whole-family finale in which the combined ensemble, led by Ida Sand, launched into We Are Family. As an expression of togetherness, of a shared joyful ethos, it would be hard to beat.
1. Send In The Clowns
2. Walk Tall
3. Savannah Samurai
4. Suffering
5. Missing A Page
6. Quo Vadis
7. B&H
8. Dodge The Dodo
9. We Are Family