The Beach Boys - Wild Honey (LP)

Wild Honey
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To celebrate it's 50th anniversary, The Beach Boys'€™ classic album Wild Honey is getting its first true stereo mix on vinyl.
Primarily comprised of original Brian Wilson and Mike Love compositions, this critically acclaimed album showcases the band devoid of pressure. Bruce Johnston says "Here'€™s the thing - the most important thing - you need to know about Wild Honey. It was just an album for us to exhale and do something real simple; but as it's Brian and Mike's music, it'€™s still fabulous and not so simple. I love the album."
1. Wild Honey
2. Aren't You Glad
3. I Was Made to Love Her
4. Country Air
5. A Thing or Two
6. Darlin'
7. I'd Love Just Once to See You
8. Here Comes the Night
9. Let the Wind Blow
10. How She Boogalooed It
11. Mama Says