Angelo Badalamenti - Blue Velvet (LP)

Blue Velvet
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The first of many collaborations between director David Lynch and composer Angelo Badalamenti, Blue Velvet's evocative score is juxtaposed with Lynch's use of early pop tunes, creating an unsettling effect that complemented the movie perfectly.
This new LP format is pressed on blue and black vinyl.

1. Main Title
2. Night Streets / Sandy And Jeffrey
3. Frank
4. Jeffrey_s Dark Side
5. Mysteries Of Love (French Horn solo) (a)
6. Frank Returns
7. Mysteries Of Love (Instrumental) (a)
8. Blue Velvet (b) / Blue Star (a) - Montage
9. Lumberton U.S.A. (a) / Going Down To Lincoln _ Sound Effects Suite
10. Akron Meets The Blues
11. Honky Tonk Part I (performed by Bill Doggett)
12. In Dreams (performed by Roy Orbison)
13. Love Letters (e) (performed by Ketty Lester)
14. Mysteries Of Love (a) (Vocal by Julee Cruise)