Ferry Corsten - Blueprint (CD)

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This fifth album from Ferry Corsten is his boldest and most ambitious to date; a conceptual long player which stretches far beyond its musical foundations and into the galaxy with a futuristic narrative. Blueprint cites references from esteemed authors of the sci-fi genre such as Hugo Gernsback and HG Wells, and delves deep into a storyboard crafted by the minds of David H Miller (of House Of Cards and Rosewood fame) and Ferry himself, giving the listener a cosmic adventure of truly interstellar proportions.
CD 1:
1. Reception
2. Blueprint
3. Your Face (feat. Eric Lumiere)
4. Venera (Vee's Theme) (Presents Gouryella)
5. Something To Believe In (feat. Eric Lumiere)
6. Waiting (feat. Niels Geusebroek)
7. Here We Are (feat. HALIENE)
8. Edge Of The Sky (feat. HALIENE)
9. A World Beyond
CD 2:
1. Trust
2. Lonely Inside
3. Piece Of You (feat. HALIENE)
4. Wherever You Are (feat. HALIENE)
5. Drum's A Weapon
6. Reanimate (feat. Clairity)
7. Another Sunrise (feat. Eric Lumiere and HALIENE)
8. Eternity