Anthony Phillips - Slow Dance [2CD/DVD] (CD)

Slow Dance [2CD/DVD]
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Released in 1990, Slow Dance regarded by aficionados of Genesis founder member Anthony Phillips as one of his finest albums; a two part orchestral rock suite which reflects him at his best and most imaginative.
This new deluxe edition supplements the album with a bonus disc of previously unreleased Slow Dance Vignettes, as well as DVD featuring a 5.1 Surround sound mix by Simon Heyworth.
CD 1:
1. Slow Dance Part One
2. Slow Dance Part Two
CD 2:
1. Themes from Slow Dance
2. No Way Out (Alternate Mix)
3. A Slower Dance
4. Guitar Adagio from Slow Dance
5. Touch Me Deeply (Demo)
6. Clarinet Sleigh Ride
7. Slow Dance Single Demo (Alternate Mix)
8. No Way Out (Original Mix With Drums)
9. Lenta Chorum
1. Slow Dance Part One (New 5.1 Surround Mix)
2. Slow Dance Part Two (New 5.1 Surround Mix)