Harbinger - Human Dust (CD)

Human Dust
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London metal brutes Harbinger are ready to make an earth-shattering return this year with their brand new EP, Human Dust. Established with a ferociously unadulterated and malevolent debut in the form of Paroxysm, Harbinger up the ante by several notches on Human Dust, executing a fierce blend of eccentric tech metal riffery and plenty of melodic licks and hooks. Amalgamating vicious breakdowns, meticulous shredding and tasteful arpeggios along with vitriolic drum work, the Harbinger machine is in prime condition and gives the listener plenty to digest.
1. The End Of Time
2. Humanity's Limit
3. Psychosomatic
4. The Darkness Of June
5. I. Human Dust
6. II. Captive/Hated