Ahmad Jamal - Marseille (LP)

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Legendary jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal's new album Marseille is a love letter to the iconic French city whose magnificent port and dazzling light have inspired numerous artists and filmmakers over the years.

Although the album starts with the instrumental take of the title track it is the two vocal versions - the first a striking performance of spoken word by French rapper Abd Al Malik, the second a jazz vocal version with Mina Agossi - that immediately command attention, primarily because these kinds of collaboration are a daringly new departure for 87 year-old Jamal.

Backing him are three musicians with whom he has developed an advanced musical empathy over time - drummer Herlin Riley, double bassist James Cammack and percussionist Manolo Badrena. Together they form a rhythm section that is both responsive and assertive, with each member making his presence felt.

1. Marseille (Instrumental)
2. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
3. Pots En Verre
4. Marseille (with Abd Al Malik)
5. Autumn Leaves
6. I Came To See You / You Were Not There
7. Baalbeck
8. Marseille (with Mina Agossi)