Arcade Fire - Everything Now (Night Version) [Indie Exclusive] (CD)

Everything Now (Night Version) [Indie Exclusive]
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One of the most anticipated releases of 2017, Arcade Fire return in July with their fifth studio album, Everything Now. The LP was recorded New Orleans, Montreal, and Paris, with production handled by Arcade Fire, Mackey, and Bangalter, and co-production by Markus Dravs. The record has already been previewed through the typically maximalist title track, Creature Comfort and Signs of Life, and if they'€™re anything to go buy it could be their biggest splash to date!

Available only through independent shops such as ourselves, this 'Night'€™ version features alternate artwork and is pressed on turquoise vinyl.

1. Everything_Now
2. Everything Now
3. Signs Of Life
4. Creature Comfort
5. Peter Pan
6. Chemistry
7. Infinite Content
8. Infinite_Content
9. Electric Blue
10. Good God Damn
11. Put Your Money On Me
12. We Don'€™t Deserve Love
13. Everything Now (continued)