Mark Lanegan - Houston: Publishing Demos 2002 (LP)

Houston: Publishing Demos 2002
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With the Screaming Trees having disbanded, the early '€˜00s remained a prolific time for Mark Lanegan, with a thriving solo career existing alongside numerous other exploits. Having been written, recorded and shelved over a decade ago, the songs on Houston (Publishing Demos 2002), perfectly capture this productive phase for the legendary baritone singer.

Now, though, these previously unreleased demos are finally seeing the light of day, via this 12-track collection issued by Ipecac.

1. No Cross
2. Two Horses
3. When It’s In You (Methamphetamine Blues)
4. High Life
5. I’ll Go Where You Send Me
6. Grey Goes Black
7. The Primitives
8. Blind
9. Halcyon Daze
10. Nothing Much To Mention
11. A Suite for Dying Love
12. Way To Tomorrow