Big Thief - Capacity (LP)

The trails that Brooklyn'€™s Big Thief take us down on their highly anticipated second record Capacity are overgrown with the wilderness of pumping souls. After last year'€™s stunning Masterpiece, Capacity was recorded in a snowy winter nest in upstate New York at Outlier Studio with producer Andrew Sarlo. The album jumps right into lives marked up and nipped in surprisingly swift fashion. They are peopled and unpeopled, spooked and soothed, regenerating back into a state where they can once again be vulnerable. Lenker'€™s songs introduce us to a gallery of multifaceted women and deal with the complicated matters of identity -€” at once dangerous and curious, though never unbelievable.

"€œThere is a darker darkness and a lighter light on this album,"€ Lenker explains. "€œThe songs search for a deeper level of self-acceptance, to embrace the world within and without. I think Masterpiece began that process, as a reaction from inside the pain, whereas I feel Capacity examines the pain from the outside."€

1. Pretty Things
2. Shark Smile
3. Capacity
4. Watering
5. Coma
6. Great White Shark
7. Mythological Beauty
8. Objects
9. Haley
10. Mary
11. Black Diamonds