Gov't Mule - Revolution Come... Revolution Go (CD)

Revolution Come... Revolution Go
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Pre-eminent American rock band Gov't Mule are back with their anticipated 10th studio album Revolution Come... Revolution Go.  Steeped in the roots and mystique of rock, blues, soul, jazz and country, the new record enriches Gov'€™t Mule'€™s distinguished legacy with cleverly-crafted songs, intelligent and timely lyrical commentary, plus downright incendiary playing, while the depth and breadth of the band'€™s stunning songwriting is displayed with full force.

1. Stone Cold Rage
2. Drawn That Way
3. Pressure Under Fire
4. The Man I Want To Be
5. Traveling Tune
6. Thorns Of Life
7. Dreams & Songs
8. Sarah, Surrender
9. Revolution Come, Revolution Go
10. Burning Point featuring Jimmie Vaughan
11. Easy Times
12. Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground