Andreas Ihlebæk - The Guest (CD)

The Guest
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"A masterpiece"€ and "€œstunningly beautiful" is how critics described the concert premiere of Andreas Ihlebæk's new concept album The Guest. The Norwegian singer, pianist and composer has hit a nerve with audiences through his combination of soul, jazz, classical and Norwegian folk music - a blend he himself calls 'Fjellsoul' ("€œmountain soul music"€).

1. My Sweet Cure       
2. Take Me Home (feat. Daniela Bauer)       
3. This Moment       
4. The End Of The Sky (feat. Nosizwe)       
5. Let Love Set You Free (feat. Daniela Bauer)       
6. New Start       
7. Wake       
8. I'm With You (feat. Daniela Bauer)