Pixx - The Age of Anxiety [Indie Exclusive] (LP)

The Age of Anxiety [Indie Exclusive]
On her debut album, The Age of Anxiety, Pixx places herself ostensibly on the outside, looking in. Featuring the singles I Bow Down and Baboo, the 12-song collection seeks to address a generation increasingly isolated by an unprecedented new world order, from the pressures of social media to ever-changing political turbulence. A bold debut, it borrows its title from WH Auden'€™s final poem which was published in 1947, which charted one man’s quest to find substance and identity in a shifting and increasingly industrialised world.

This limited edition LP format - available exclusively through independent shops such as ourselves - is available in three different, randomly allocated colours (orange, red or blue).

1. I Bow Down
2. Toes
3. Grip
4. Romance
5. Telescreen
6. Everything Is Weird In America
7. Waterslides
8. A Big Cloud To Float Upon
9. Baboo
10. Your Delight
11. The Girls
12. Mood Ring Eyes