Big French - Stone Fish (LP)

Stone Fish
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Big French have returned, following up their maverick 2013 debut album Downtown Runnin'€™ with Stone Fish, a 16-track sophomore which sees bandleader Quentin Moore'€™s energetic bursts of post punk composition transformed by boutique, reel-to-reel production to fantastic ends, filtering established pop sensibilities through eclectic idioms of free-expression.

1. Hey Grandma
2. Fly Like A Bird
3. Stone Fish
4. Apartments For The West
5. Pamela
6. Words Appear
7. The Troll
8. The New Cochlear Sun
9. The Chosen One
10. Grandpa'€™s House
11. I Wanna New Rome
12. Rush Morgue
13. Big French
14. Second Kid With You
15. Better At Me
16. My Angel