Alestorm - No Grave But the Sea (CD)

No Grave But the Sea
Ships In 2/3 Days
The one and only heavy metal pirates of Alestorm are back, and they've brought with them their fifth full length album, No Grave But the Sea!

No other band in the galaxy creates such epic modern symphonic folk metal anthems with endless hooks that will be stuck in your head until the heat death of the universe. Twisted together with blistering harmonized guitar and keyboard solos, thunderous power metal majesty, and unrelenting modern metal riffing, the new record is nothing less than the perfect soundtrack to the most epic battle of your life.

"€œA pirate's life is simple; we drink and steal and kill!"€ So raise up your tankard into the sky for this brand new treasure of pirate metal!

1. No Grave But The Sea
2. Mexico
3. To the End of the World
4. Alestorm
5. Bar ünd Imbiss
6. Fucked with an Anchor
7. Pegleg Potion
8. Man the Pumps
9. Rage of the Pentahook
10. Treasure Island