Bob Marley - Lively Up Yourself (CD)

Lively Up Yourself
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This superbly crafted Bob Marley set - compiled and annotated by French journalist Vincent Tarrière - chronicles the story behind this legendary article The Wild Side of Paradise, published by Rolling Stone Magazine in 1973 through the memories of photographer Arthur Gorson. The collection features a handpicked selection of Marley'€™s best songs, recorded at his creative peak, during the late '€˜60s and early '€˜70s, when he was working with producers Bunny Lee, Leslie Kong and Lee Perry.

1. Mellow Mood
2. Hypocrites
3. Nice Time
4. This Train
5. Wisdom
6. Mr. Chatterbox
7. Soul Shakedown Party
8. Soul Captives
9. Do It Twice
10. Caution
11. My Cup
12. No Water
13. Duppy Conqueror
14. Corner Stone
15. Long Long Winter
16. Small Axe
17. Kaya
18. Sun Is Shining
19. Concrete Jungle
20. Keep On Moving
21. Man to Man (Who The Cap Fit)
22. Mr. Brown
23. Lively Up Yourself
24. Trench Town Rock