3 Daft Monkeys - Year of the Clown (CD)

Year of the Clown
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The album title Year of the Clown is a social and whimsical comment on the strange and disturbing times we find ourselves in, where the '€˜elected principles'€™ in the world circus appear to be the fools.

With a brand new four-piece line-up, the band weave enchanting melodies with catchy choruses, virtuoso vibrant fiddle, rhythmic 12-string guitar, six-string bass, bespoke handpercussion and four-part vocal harmonies. Their music leads you through a musical journey of the senses and emotions, and the desire to dance is irresistible.

1. Year Of The Clown
2. Delighted To Be Invited
3. Drink With God
4. Money
5. Look To The Stars
6. 1000, Years
7. I Love You
8. Blessings
9. Animal
10. To Dream Of Angles
11. Not In My Name
12. We Are Revolution