Gonjasufi - Mandela Effect [Indie Exclusive] (CD)

Mandela Effect [Indie Exclusive]
Ships In 2/3 Days
Gonjasufi is releasing a new collection of remixes, covers and original music, aptly titled Mandela Effect. This release shows the producer expanding on his stark message from Callus with support from a diverse cast of musical peers and local collaborators.

Guests include Massive Attack'€™s Daddy G, Shabazz Palaces, Anna Wise, Ras G, Innsyter, Moor Mother, Perera Elsewhere, King Britt and a crew of Gonjasufi'€™s San Diego brethren.

This release is available exclusively through independent stores such as ourselves.

1. (x) (Intro)
2. Show (Beth Gibbons / Rustin Man cover)
3. Your Maker (Daddy G Remix)
4. Afrikan Spaceship (Shabazz Palaces Rework)
5. Maniac Depressant (Perera Elsewhere Remix)
6. When I Die (IMD Remix)
7. (y) (Interlude)
8. The Conspiracy (Santiro Romeri Remix)
9. Your Maker (Anna Wise Remaker)
10. Afrikan Spaceship (Ras G Ghettoscifi Remix)
11. Maniac Depressant (Innsyter Remix)
12. Vinaigrette (Dave Parley Remix)
13. Afrikan Spaceship (King Britt Rework)
14. The Kill (Moor Mother Remix)
15. Etherwave (ft Tony Allen)
16. (z) (Outro)