Big Mama Thornton - The Essential Recordings (CD)

The Essential Recordings
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This collection celebrates the career of a true R&B and rock '€˜n'€™ roll pioneer, and one who Janis Joplin recognised as a role model, not only as a singer, but in her uninhibited attitude to expressing her sexuality.

She was known for her tough, uncompromising demeanour, her powerful, soulful voice, drank heavily, and was unafraid to dress in men'€™s clothing.

1. Hound Dog
2. Nightmare
3. They Call Me Big Mama
4. All Right Baby
5. Just Can't Help Myself
6. Bad Luck Got My Man
7. I'm All Fed Up
8. Partnership Blues
9. No Jody For Me
10. Let Your Tears Fall Baby
11. Hard Times
12. Everytime I Think Of You
13. Mischievous Boogie
14. Rockabye Baby
15. Cotton Picking Blues
16. I Ain't No Fool Either
17. The Big Change

1. I've Searched The World Over
2. I Smell A Rat
3. Yes Baby
4. Stop Hoppin' On Me
5. Story Of My Blues
6. Walking Blues
7. The Fish
8. Laugh, Laugh, Laugh
9. Tarzan And The Dignified Monkey
10. How Come?
11. Just Like A Dog (Barking Up The Wrong Tree)
12. My Man Called Me
13. Willie Mae's Blues
14. You Did Me Wrong
15. Don't Talk Back
16. Big Mama's Coming Home