Samantha Crain - You Had Me At Goodbye [Indie Exclusive] (CD)

You Had Me At Goodbye [Indie Exclusive]
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You Had Me at Goodbye is the fifth studio album from Samantha Crain. Written over four months at the back end of winter whilst at home in Norman, Oklahoma, You Had Me At Goodbye was penned whilst Samantha was working shifts at a pizza place to save up money for touring, recording, paying bills, and as a self-confessed '€˜film nerd,'€™ binge watching movies.

"€œOklahoma is beautiful but my relationship with it is complicated,"€ she says. "There are mountains, plains, prairies, rolling hills, high deserts and plateaus, with an amazing creative community of people making beautiful visual art, interesting films and loud music. But it'€™s extremely Christian, conservative, and whilst people say it'€™s '˜friendly,'€™ really, people are only friendly if you'€™re white and aren'€™t dressed unconventionally. I feel welcome and alienated all at once."

Initial copies come with a limited indies only bonus CD, Kinda, which features acoustic versions of the whole album, plus the bonus track Re-Run Cartoon.

1. Antiseptic Greeting
2. Oh Dear Louis
3. Loneliest Handsome Man
4. Wise One
5. Red Sky, Blue Mountain
6. Smile When
7. Betty's Eulogy
8. Windmill Crusader
9. When The Roses Bloom Again
10. Wreck