Anekdoten - Chapters (CD)

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Anekdoten are considered one of the leading bands in contemporary progressive rock. Their intensive, dark, dynamic and original music has also appealed to metal, goth and post-rock fans all over the world.

Chapters mixes the most stunning tracks from the band's first five albums chosen by the band, showcasing their talents and clear inspirations from progressive legends King Crimson and Van der Graaf Generator. Fans and outsiders alike will be lured by the album outtake, When I Turn, which features Opeth's Per Wiberg on keys.

1. Ricochet
2. The Great Unknown
3. From Within
4. In For A Ride
5. The War Is Over
6. Monolith
7. A Sky About To Rain
8. Every Step I Take
9. Groundbound
10. Gravity
11. When I Turn