Formation - Look at the Powerful People (LP)

Look at the Powerful People
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Formed by brothers Will and Matt Ritson, Formation'€™s life-affirming blend of disco grooves, punk attitude and vehement social insight builds towards its ultimate statement on their eagerly anticipated debut album Look at the Powerful People.

The record demonstrates that the group'€™s forward-thinking sonics have evolved to reach their full potential. In addition to the single Powerful People, other highlights such as On the Board and A Friend capture their irrepressible and bass-heavy cocktail of dirty dance rhythms which pound with the fiery energy of their live performances. At the other extreme, Blood Red Hand in an understated, slow-burning anthem and the closing track Ring offers something entirely different with a dreamy, piano-orientated approach closing the album on an upbeat high.

1. Drugs       
2. Pleasure       
3. Powerful People       
4. Back Then       
5. On the Board       
6. Gods       
7. Buy and Sell       
8. A Friend       
9. Blood Red Hand       
10. Ring