B.B. King - Here's One You Didn't Know About (CD)

Here's One You Didn't Know About
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The great bluesman B.B. King, who died this year, was one of the few artists whose every note was of interest. This 25-track CD of mostly previously unissued recordings is drawn from his sessions for Modern Records between 1954 and 1962. Among them is a truly rare thing in Be Careful Baby - a B.B. King song that has never been released before in any capacity. The CD ends with a previously unheard interview, recorded backstage at the Fillmore Ballroom in San Francisco with radio station KSAY at the 10/10 spot on your dial.

1. Catfish Blues (aka Fishin' After Me) (Alt Vrs)
2. Be Careful Baby
3. Growing Old (Tk2)
4. I Gotta Find My Baby (60 Vrs Tk8)
5. Long Nights (The Feeling They Call The Blues) (Tk4)
6. Loving You In Vain (aka Heartache And Pain) (Alt)
7. Shut Your Mouth (Tk1)
8. Sweet Little Angel (Vrs1 Alt)
9. Sweet Little Angel (Vrs2 Tk1)
10. Bad Case Of Love (Tk6)
11. Talkin' The Blues (Tk2)
12. Whole Lotta Love (63 Rerec Tk1)
13. You Know I Go For You (Alt)
14. You've Been An Angel (Tk1)
15. Be Careful With A Fool (Tk11)
16. When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer (Tk1)
17. Don't You Want A Man Like Me (54) (X Cowbell) (Tk3)
18. Early In The Morning (Aka Early Every Morning) (Tk2)
19. I Wonder Why (Tk4)
20. Partin Time (Tk3)
21. Soul Beat (Aka Powerhouse (Tk1)
22. Why Not (Tk8a)
23. The Woman I Love (54) ( Tk3)
24. Whole Lotta Meat (Tk10)
25. Going Down Slow (59 Vrs Tk2)